Are Celebrites More Susceptible To Addiction?

08/05/19: Addiction Prevention \ Addiction Recovery
To be at your creative best, you need to put in an extensive amount of physical and emotional input. The fact that the creative and/or entertainment industry is one of the most inconsistent and challenging markets to be a part of makes things even more complicated. This compels the artists and creative individuals to turn towards harmful external sources like alcohol and drugs like marijuana and analgesics to deal better with the everyday challenges they come across. Celebrities lifestyles can push them towards an addiction for various reasons such keeping up with the busy schedule or using psychoactive drugs as a means to stimulate their creativity, substance abuse has long been a serious issue that’s associated with this industry The ironic part is that leaning into a life of abusing things such as drugs, alcohol, and sex usually harms career success. These items are used as a way to cope or create, but in reality, they deteriorate the ability to have such success. So many celebrities have lost their lives at the peak of their career due to alcohol and substance abuse or have had their careers put on pause to seek medical or rehabilitation treatment. It’s often deemed that there is a strong link between substance abuse and creativity. In the past couple of decades, there have been more than 300 celebrity deaths because of drug abuse and overdose! Surprisingly, the victims were not just people from the creative world like music and film industry, but also included athletes, writers and other internationally renowned big names from other fields. This showcases that it isn’t just the people from the creative world that are vulnerable to alcohol and substance abuse, but famous people from diverse sectors are just as likely to fall into this deadly, alluring trap. A 2016 cross-sectional study concluded that just musicians alone make up 38.6% of the population who met a drug-induced death. Actors had a share of 23.2%, while athletes had a 15.5% ratio. Business people and politicians took up a share of 4.5% and 1.4% respectively. This is a concerning finding that requires more attention to be paid to the association between fame, creativity, and drug abuse. For Arizona drug rehab news and information, call Together AZ Addiction News and Resources

Why Are Celebrities and Artists Inclined towards Addiction?

There is no one specific reason that would justify why a person, famous or otherwise, gets addicted to alcohol or drugs. The reasons vary from person to person as does the nature of those situations they encounter which lead them to consider using these means. Here are some reasons why celebrities and artists gravitate more toward addiction. 1. The Stimulating Effects of Drugs If looked into the matter scientifically, it can be said that some illicit drugs make you feel confident, sharp and more daring. These three things are quite important when you’re up for a performance before hundreds of people. Similarly, some drugs and steroids have body enhancement capabilities. These are taken by models, actors, and athletes to not only get a better physique but to also make those bodies boost their performance. Considering the addictive feature of illicit drugs, it's easier to develop a dependency on them. 2. Ease of Access An imperative reason behind the celebrities’ inclination towards drugs and addiction is the ease of access they have to it. Celebrities, unlike other abusers, don’t have to find ways to sustain their habit. They can get the supplies whenever they want and at whatever price available. They don’t have to face the challenge of affording their addiction. This further fuels their dependence and makes their addiction stronger. 3. Undying Motivation and Keeping Up with Unsteady Schedule When it comes to musicians, artists, and models, they have extensive expectations to meet that range from producers to sponsors and millions of fans, With all of those pressures, and unrelenting schedules they cannot afford to lag behind on their motivation and creativity. Also, their work nature calls for an irregular job schedule. Their lives are, at times, so active that every minute of the day is planned with shows, traveling, tours and appearances. Sometimes it becomes too inactive that they find the need to depend on stimulants to remain motivated. Steve Taylor, a senior lecturer from the Leeds Beckett University, declares this as the core reason behind the strong celebrities’ addiction. 4. Isolation and Depression Clinical depression is highly common among celebrities. It is often associated with the stress that comes with their job, narcissism and weak social bonds. Actors, models, and athletes consider themselves different and better from others. This ultimately becomes a barrier in their recovery and prevents them from addressing their addictive behavior. Depression usually comes along with long breaks, lack of work and decrease in creativity which compels the individuals to find motivation in illicit drugs. Do Drugs Have Anything to Do With Creativity? Drug abuse can serve as a motivation as well as a weakness for the artist. Although there is no direct link between substance abuse and creativity, addiction does play a role in instigating factors that promote creativity. For instance, people who experiment with drugs are likely to be adventure-seeking, willing to take risks, and are rather impulsive. These attributes are common in creative people, too. It has become a norm for the creative realm of individuals to rely on drugs to enhance their creative side. They also feel that drugs help them overcome their anxiety and stage fright, allowing them to feel comfortable and more confident while performing. This coerces celebrities to find their safety net and comfort zone in drugs, hence, making them more vulnerable towards getting addicted and becoming easy victims.

Risk Factors Involved

When it comes to celebrities, they have a certain lifestyle to maintain. In the hypercompetitive environment, you cannot afford to lag behind and let your contenders take your position, contracts and fan base. There are several risk factors that encourage artists to take up the route of drug dependence. Some of them are:
  • Peer pressure and the drug consuming norm practiced in the community
  • The pressure faced from the show business and the high expectations and demands of sponsors, producers and audiences alike
  • Stage fright
  • Job-related stress and anxiety
  • A highly saturated and competitive industry and the need to retain the position
  • Poor energy levels and lack of motivation

What to Do?

It’s important to understand that drugs can never provide a long term answer to any problem. Addiction is a serious problem in the entertainment industry and some remarkable talent has been lost to alcohol and illicit drugs. A lot of celebrities let their addiction go unaddressed and live without any help under the fear of exposing their weakness. Call Arizona Best Drug Rehab for the best help to get sober. According to Big SEO Tool, a good rehab is the key ingredient to ensure long term sobriety. Make sure you choose a licensed and accredited rehab, like Arizona Addiction. Luckily, today we have private drug rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers that offer complete support with discretion and optimal care. Arizona Addiction provides the ideal environment, professional team and personalized care to help you overcome your addiction-related problems. We help you pave your way back to a normal and healthy life with greater positivity and enthusiasm. Contact Drug Rehab Arizona today for more information and details.

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