Spice Addiction

Addiction to Spice, or addiction of any kind for that matter, is not a battle you should fight on your own. It’s a difficult thing to overcome on your own, best to seek professional help! There are detox centers and rehabilitation facilities that are equipped to help you get through this difficult battle, start your recovery today!

What is Spice? 

We’ve all heard of marijuana, but have you ever heard of Spice? Spice, otherwise known as K2, is a synthetic cannabinoid that is used to achieve similar effects to marijuana but on a much more intense level. This synthetic substance contains many other harmful chemicals that regular marijuana usually does not. The use of harmful chemicals in this substance is what causes it to be so addictive and dangerous for users.

How does it Work? 

Spice, or “fake weed”, is quite similar to marijuana in nature. The substance causes psychoactive euphoria for users, resulting in a sedated state for users. Marijuana is normally pretty strong, but Spice is meant to be even stronger. This synthetic marijuana has chemicals in it that create a more intense high for users, but it is not well regulated when compared to marijuana. It has even resulted in hundreds of overdoses over the last few years. Though marijuana is legal in some states, this synthetic version of the drug is not approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Spice Tolerance 

Just like any substance, a person can develop a tolerance if regular use continues. When a person regularly uses a substance, no matter how weak they say it is, they will develop a dependency on it if use goes unchecked. Since a drug like Spice can create an intense psychoactive euphoria for users, anyone who regularly has a desire to feel numb/sedated can build up a tolerance for the drug. The more often you use a substance, the more you’ll need to get the desired effects. The more you need, the higher your tolerance becomes. That’s a sure-fire way to fall right into the hands of addiction. 

What is Spice Abuse? 

When a person starts to build up a tolerance, they’ll desire to use a substance in higher doses and more frequently. A person’s brain is rewired to make them think they need the substance in order to function properly. Someone struggling with a Spice dependency may start to use the substance to be in a constant state of sedated numbness, regardless of social expectations. Their bodies become accustomed to the euphoric feeling and they’ll do anything and everything to keep that feeling going. 

Is Spice Dangerous? 

Spice in general, even if a user is not addicted, can be dangerous. As we mentioned previously, Spice is technically not legal, like marijuana is in certain states. Because of this, it is not regulated and there is no single recipe for the synthetic cannabinoid. Spice contains many harmful chemicals that users may not know they’re ingesting. A person can actually overdose on the drug due to the many harmful chemicals found in it. In 2017, there were over 100 confirmed deaths in Pennsylvania related to Spice overdose. This happened over a span of three days. Even since 2015, there have been confirmed overdose deaths from Spice abuse. 

Should I Stop Taking It? (Withdrawal)

Regular use of Spice can result in addiction. When a person develops an addiction, they will want to use a substance in higher doses. Someone who uses the substance often will experience some side-effects such as:

  • Red Eyes
  • Confusion/Delirium
  • Intense Euphoria
  • Increased Anxiety
  • Faster Heart Rate
  • Strokes/Seizures
  • Vomiting/Sickness
  • Weaker Immune System
  • Dry Mouth
  • Heart Attack 
  • Or even death (in cases of severe overdose)

Because Spice can be such a highly addictive substance, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult to deal with. Users who are attempting to detox from the drug will likely experience symptoms such as:

  • Profuse Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety/Depression/Mood Swings
  • Migraines

Who Abuses Spice?

When it comes to demographics that frequently abuse Spice, there is no one group that abused the substance. The people who usually abuse this substance are those who have developed an extremely high tolerance to marijuana and are chasing a greater high. Addiction has a way of grabbing hold of someone and making them fall deeper and deeper into its pit. The higher the tolerance you develop for something, the more you’ll desire a greater high. The only way to do that is by looking for more powerful substances. 

Quitting Is Possible

Addiction to spice is not an impossible thing to overcome. No matter how far along you think you are in addiction, there is always a way out. It takes strong will, determination, and a helpful support system to beat it. The first step in recovering from an addiction like this is by medical detox. This process allows a person to be in a substance-free environment where there are no temptations to use a particular substance. Medical detox can help a person rid themselves of substances, cleanse the body, and hopefully free the mind of chemical dependence. After this, it’s important to develop a strong support system that you can use in order to fight off any future cravings to use again. Through this, recovery and sobriety are possible!