Marijuana Addiction

Regular marijuana users are likely to develop an addiction. It is something that once you start using, it is hard to stop. If you know someone who is addicted to marijuana, kindly introduce them to the best treatment center in Phoenix.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana comes from a Cannabis sativa plant. It is the most common illicit drug in the United States of America. The plant contains THC chemicals and other addictive compounds.

Unlike heroin and cocaine that is life-threatening to people, marijuana is not quite as life-threatening, but it’s still dangerous. Some places legalize the use of it for medicinal consumption and some even for recreational use. Outside of that, marijuana can be very harmful.

Marijuana is also a cure for other known diseases such as Epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. Some other states in the United States such as Hawaii, Ohio, New Jersey and many more allow medicinal types to be available to patients.

How does it work?

A person can decide between a few methods when it comes to using marijuana. Below are lists of ways to use it:

  • Rolling it like a cigarette, or using electronic vaporizers
  • Smoking with the use of a pipe.
  • Mixing it in your food intake
  • Tea like drink

When a person uses marijuana, he or she develops difficulty in social and interpersonal aspects of life. It can also result in physical and psychological problems in the future. A person, who is addicted to something, tends to develop problems with working and studying, neglecting responsibilities as an employee or student.

When THC activates, a person experiences an intense euphoric high. If this euphoria is chased often, a person can develop a tolerance to it. When this happens, the usual dosage of the drug will need to increase. 

What is Marijuana abuse?

It is often debated whether Marijuana is addictive or not. Some say it is beneficial for their treatment while others may use it recreationally, seeing no problem with regular use. However, any substance that is used often enough can be subject to abuse, even if you think it’s not harmful. If a person abuses for their own personal gain, that is when abuse is imminent. When abuse of a substance becomes habitual, serious symptoms will start to set in.

Is Marijuana dangerous?

This drug becomes dangerous when a person abuses the benefits of marijuana for their own personal gain. This drug helps people recover from surgeries and cancer treatments, but regular abuse from a recreational user can be dangerous. Habitual recreational use can easily lead to addiction.

The list below will help you understand better the risks of being addicted to marijuana:

  • Lung Cancer: A person can develop lung cancer when smoking marijuana. It is just as dangerous for your cardiovascular health as nicotine products.
  • Increases Heart rate and heart attack: A person who regularly abuses marijuana can develop some heart problems. Increased heart rate and a higher risk of heart attacks are symptoms abusers suffer from.
  • Mental Impairment: Some people suffer from mental impairment due to their dependency. The reason is that the effects of marijuana usually involve the brain. If a person is high, their ability to think logically will be tampered with. 

There are other effects of marijuana on the body when abused. One thing is withdrawal; a person usually experiences withdrawal symptoms when he or she stops using it. Such withdrawals symptoms are anxiety and insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, an increase of mood swings and aggressive behavior. If the usage of marijuana is stopped, withdrawal can have a strong effect on a person with these symptoms. 

Should I stop taking it?

A person should stop abusing marijuana and start thinking of better ways to live their lives. Abusing will surely take control of a person’s life. A person should always consider the negative effects of marijuana.

It changes everything in your body, physically, emotionally and mentally. When a person asks if he or she should stop taking it then the answer is yes.

Here are some of the short and long term effects:

Short term effects of Use

  • Increased appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Often seeing bright colors
  • Affected sense of time

Long term effects of USe

  • Trouble with the development of the brain. Problem with learning, and remembering things and events.
  • Coughing and problem in breathing.
  • If a person is pregnant, she will encounter problems during and after pregnancy.

Who abuses Marijuana?

Anyone can abuse this, but typically younger demographics abuse this drug. Teenagers, college students, and young professionals have been known to regularly use marijuana. No one is exempt from the temptation of marijuana. It may be your neighbor, family member, classmate, office mate, boss, bus driver. Since the drug is becoming legalized in more states, it is becoming more easily accessible.

Quitting is Possible

The support of the people around you and even a therapist are big factors when it comes to recovery treatment. No matter how far along you are in addiction, there are resources and professionals out there that are equipped to help you beat your dependency. It’s okay to admit you’re struggling.