Methadone Addiction

Methadone was introduced to the public during World War II. The sole purpose of its existence was for treating people who experience extreme pain in their bodies. You can also see this prescribed by doctors as a part of treatment for addiction.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is used as a medication for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). It was used a long time ago for people addicted to heroin and is used as a treatment for opioid pain. It is safe to use as a medicine if it is prescribed by doctors.

People who suffer from asthma or people who have difficulties in breathing are discouraged to use methadone. It is used as a treatment for cleansing chemicals for addiction, and it is effective for detoxifying chemicals in a person's body.

People who are addicted to methadone are commonly infected with HIV because the only way they can use it is by injecting it into the body. Injecting something in your body causes some serious risks and could open the body up to possibilities of viral infection.

How does it work?

Methadone is used and is prescribed by doctors as a treatment for heroin and other drug addiction. It cannot be used as a tablet or a cigarette, and the only way you can use it is by injecting it into your body.

Abusing methadone can result in addiction, overdose, and even death. Pregnant women are discouraged from using methadone as it can affect the growth of the newborn, and the mother can experience withdrawal syndrome.

Methadone is sometimes a part of a person's treatment; it contains certain properties that are an effective tool for treating opioid addiction treatment. Some drugs should not be mixed with methadone, such drugs are other narcotics, drugs that make a person sleepy, and drugs that can change your serotonin level. 

Methadone Tolerance

A person can consume methadone with proper knowledge from a doctor. Doctors will instruct the patient on proper use of the drug. However, there are people who abuse it legally or illegally. 

If consumed outside of a doctor’s instructions, a person can experience withdrawal. A person should always seek the help of a doctor before taking this drug, most especially if you have problems in your health and if you are pregnant. If you consume this drug outside of a doctor’s instructions, you are putting yourself at risk of addiction.

What is Methadone abuse?

It becomes an abuse if a person continues to use it disregarding the doctor’s instructions and the negative effects of the drug. A person can experience signs of addiction but neglect it because the main concern is to feed their need for the drug.

A person can be addicted to methadone after injecting it into their body several times. Even after a couple of uses, a person could encounter lung and heart diseases.

Listed below are tips for taking Methadone

  • Never abuse methadone, take only the amount that is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not drink any alcohol-based beverages to avoid mixing the chemicals.
  • And if you have unused methadone, make sure to dispose of it by flushing it in the toilet bowl or throwing it down the sink drain.

Is Methadone dangerous?

It is not harmful to your body if the purpose of its use is to treat your illnesses, and if it is prescribed a doctor. But the consequence may be severe if it is used for personal consumption. Listed below are some of the side-effects this drug can cause for a person: 

  • Constipation: There is a possibility of constipation when using methadone. A person should always remember that the drug can tamper the body's process, it includes your digestion. It is advisable to consume something before using methadone.
  • Difficulty in Breathing: People are will experience difficulty breathing when affected by methadone addiction.
  • Nausea, Hallucination, and Confusion: A person who suffered from methadone addiction can experience nausea at times. This is because the chemical directly affects the brain of the person. 
  • Chest Pain and Abnormal Heart Beat: Normal blood flow and heartbeat are usually affected by methadone abuse, that is why people who consume methadone experience chest pain and abnormal heartbeats.
  • Swelling of the face: If abuse is habitual, it can result in swelling of the areas in the face such as the lips, tongue, or throat due to the chemicals present in the body.
  • Death: Regular abuse of this drug can cause someone to go into an extremely sedated state, even resulting in unconsciousness. When a person is unconscious and they overdose, they could go into cardiac arrest or choke on their own vomit, resulting in death.

Should I stop taking it?

A person should not worry if methadone is prescribed to them by a doctor. But if you use it illegally then yes you have to stop using it. If you value your existence, then you should stop. 

Severe consequences will follow if you continue to do abuse the drug, consequences that may even take your life.

Who abuses Methadone?

People who abuse this drug have often been prescribed it before. Presciptions are needed to acquire this drug, but people will often lie about losing their prescriptions or say they need higher doses. There is also a widespread black market in the society that sells methadone for people without a prescription. Anyone can have access to this market, students and professionals, family members, anyone! Addiction has no bias. 

Quitting is Possible

Addiction is not an easy thing to beat, but it is possible. A person can quit with proper guidance and support from the people around them. Methadone is meant to help patients in recovery, but people have been known to abuse it for its euphoric properties. When this starts to happen, it’s important to look for treatment facilities with recovery therapy resources.