Why Leaving Rehab Early Is A Bad Idea

01/21/19: Addiction Recovery
Recovery is not by any means a short-term process for a person struggling with addiction. If a person wants to recover from their addiction, they will need to be patient through their rehabilitation. Though a full recovery for someone may take a long time, a person can see better and quicker results with proper medical and mental support. The early stages are the most important stages since this is where the person is at their most vulnerable state. If a person seeks proper treatment in the early stages, they may see recovery a lot quicker than if they were to try recovery on their own. When someone starts the recovery process, they first must go through rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process starts with the cleansing the body and making it clean from any drugs or alcohol left in a person’s system; otherwise known as detoxification. This part of the process is all about cleansing a person physically; rehabilitation is all about cleaning a person’s mind, body, and soul. Once the process of detoxification is finished, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start rediscovering who you were before addiction. This is a key part of rehabilitation; most people lose sight of who they were before they struggled with addiction. Most of the time, addiction can turn you into something that is the polar opposite of who you originally were. Most of the time, addiction begins as a way to cope with emotional or physical pain a person is experiencing. It’s important for a person to not only address their physical dependency on a substance, but also why they may have become addicted to a substance in the first place. The entire rehabilitation process methodically works through these struggles in order to completely eliminate any cravings a person may have to go back into addiction. Rehabilitation is a very sensitive process and it should not be tampered with. This process carefully and methodically treats the personal, mental, and emotional wellbeing in a person. If this process is interrupted, a person can quickly fall right back into what got them in a rehab facility.


One of the biggest hurdles an addict needs to jump over during recovery is the possibility of relapse. Unfortunately, this is a very common thing for people to encounter when first starting their life in sobriety. A person’s body has become dependent on their substance of choice in order to feel or not feel something. Highly addictive substances can cause a person to essentially become physically and mentally dependent on them. If a person is a heavy meth user and they decide to give up the substance, they will more than likely experience severe withdrawal. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable and even painful for addicts. The person’s body will attack itself, resulting in migraines, nausea, discomfort, irritation, and stress. Rehabilitation is no stranger to this. Rehab centers take measures in order to help a person deal with these extreme feelings of withdrawal. Since rehabilitation is such a sensitive process, it would be dangerous for it to be interrupted. If a person wants to live a sober life, they will need to let rehabilitation run its course. Many people will leave their rehab programs either out of discomfort or self-confidence. Some people leave because they are dependent on their substance; others will leave early because they feel confident in their ability to steer clear of substance abuse. Leaving a rehab early or mid-way through is never a good idea since it can completely undo any progress a person has made in their recovery. Rehab centers have two main goals for their patients: address underlying issues for addiction and help that person conquer their demons. When someone leaves their rehabilitation program early, it can be detrimental. Besides preventing relapse, here are a few reasons why somebody in rehab should never leave early.

1. Essential Counseling

When people first decide to live a sober life, they may try to do it just through detox. As we’ve discussed earlier, this cannot be the only part of a person’s recovery. Detoxing is cleansing the body, not the mind and soul. Yes, detox is essential, but a person’s mind and soul need to be clean as well if they want to achieve long-term recovery. At rehab centers, people are offered counseling which is one of the best ways for a person to open up and understand their feelings. If a patient were to leave early, they may not be equipped to handle the strong feelings that come along in the early stages of recovery.

2. Self-Confidence

If you are dealing with addiction, chances are you have something you are trying to suppress through the euphoric feelings substance abuse provides. Addiction can have a huge effect on your self-confidence, but rehabilitation helps build it back up. If a person decides to leave before the rehabilitation process is finished, their self-confidence may go down. When your self-confidence goes down, your willpower also takes a hit, which may trigger addiction again. Rehab programs are built to help strengthen willpower and self-confidence in order to build a strong foundation for sobriety.

3. Relationships

If a person struggled with addiction before entering rehab, chances are that their relationships were greatly affected by their chemical dependency. Rehab programs are built for you to open up about your life and see what is most important. Rehabilitation can help a person see which relationships they need to build, which relationships they need to repair, and which relationships they need to get rid of. If someone were to leave rehab early, they may fail to build or get rid of relationships, which may further enable their substance abuse problems. Rehab facilities across America can help patients rediscover who they were before addiction and help them build healthier relationships.

4. The Money

Rehab facilities are not cheap, leaving early without taking advantage of all the benefits wouldn’t make any sense. Not only does this mean you waste money by leaving early, but it also means insurance companies may not cover you if you were to ever check into another facility in the future. The best thing to do it stick with what you’ve paid for, reap all the benefits they give you, and then live a sober life. Rehab centers may feel awkward and uncomfortable for someone going in the first time, but it ultimately helps them in the long run. Leaving a rehab program early is not only a poor decision financially, but it is also a poor decision for their future. Rehab centers have programs and amenities in place that help a person achieve long-term sobriety. When these programs are hindered, long-term recovery becomes increasingly harder to achieve. Accepting the fact that you struggle with addiction is the first step in recovery, there is no shame in being in a rehab facility. Do what’s best for you and stick with the program, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Content for Arizona Addiction by Cohn Media, LLC. Passionate and creative writing and broadcasting, covering the following industries: addiction rehab, health care, entertainment and technology. Advocate of clear communication, positivity and humanity at its best. www.cohn.media

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