What Happens During Phoenix Drug Rehab

11/12/18: Addiction

What Happens During Phoenix Drug Rehab

Entering a Phoenix drug rehab can feel like an intimidating process, as you will be entering unknown territory in pursuit of your personal recovery process. Taking the necessary measures to turn one’s life around may involve a stay at a substance rehabilitation facility, which may be foreign to individuals who are entering rehab for the first time. In order to make this process less daunting, here is what you should expect during your stay at a Phoenix drug rehab facility.

Drug Rehab Intake Process

The first stage of the inpatient drug rehab process is to undergo the intake procedure. During the intake, you will meet with the treatment team which generally includes a therapist, a nurse, and a doctor. The intake process is done to admit you into the proper treatment program based on your specific set of needs and medical concerns. An intake procedure can vary in terms of the length of time, as some patients require more intensive assessments based on their unique requirements. During the intake, you will speak with a therapist to conduct a mental health screening in order to determine your mental health status. You may be asked about past mental health diagnoses, if you’ve ever been to a rehabilitation facility before, and other issues related to your addiction. Addiction is often a co-occurring disorder which is connected to other mental health conditions or past trauma. In order to effectively treat your addiction, the rehab facility treatment team will look at your condition based on your overall mental and physical health status. The most effective treatment is obtained through honest participation by clients, as concealing vital details may impede the recovery process.

Developing the Addiction Treatment Plan

Following your intake process, you will work directly with your assigned treatment team to formulate a treatment plan that is specifically designed to address your individual needs. Addiction is a very personal disorder and can be caused by a wide range of factors specific to a person’s life. The treatment which is most effective at addressing these root causes is one that looks at the person from a holistic perspective. This approach takes into account their social and family life, their existing mental health and medical conditions, and addresses their condition in a patient-centered manner. Of course, the primary goal of any drug rehab treatment plan is to successfully help an individual to stop using their substance of choice. In order to do this, a person may need to undergo a medically-supervised drug detox as a way to clear the toxic substances out of their system. An individual will not be ready for the bulk of the therapeutic intervention until the substance is no longer in their body. Next, a patient’s treatment team will determine if medication is an appropriate component of their treatment plan. For example, if an individual is addicted to alcohol, drugs such as Naltrexone, Campral®, and Antabuse® may be prescribed to assist in the treatment process. Nicotine patches and other forms of replacement therapy may be offered to individuals seeking to abstain from further nicotine use.

Addiction Treatment

Once a person’s treatment plan has been established, the patient will begin the treatment phase of their program. A person’s treatment team will work directly with a patient to determine which type of therapy will be effective in treating a person’s addiction. Often, a combination of therapies will be used simultaneously in order to address the disorder on multiple fronts. Individual therapy with a therapist will be used to provide a safe environment to process one’s addiction with a trained professional. Therapists may use different kinds of approaches with a patient, such as motivational interviewing, which will help to encourage a client’s motivation to change their substance-use behaviors. Additionally, group therapy may be offered as an outlet to provide peer support and allow patients to open up about their personal journey with addiction. Because addiction is often the result of many co-occurring factors, treatment may also include therapy which helps a person process their past trauma, which may be the source of their addictive behavior. Gender therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and other relevant forms of therapy may be offered in order to assist a person in the treatment process.

Continuing Care & Relapse Prevention Training

Once a person has finished their stay at a Phoenix drug rehab facility, they will enter one of the most critical stages of their recovery process: the maintenance stage. In the pursuit of changing one’s behavior, perhaps the most difficult part of the process is to have the new behavior last. Often, individuals may change their behavior for a small period of time but once previous triggers reemerge, it can become difficult to avoid engaging in the addictive behavior as old habits tend to die hard. Receiving the necessary amount of continuing care and support is an essential part of the rehabilitation process, one that should always include a client-centered approach in order to obtain sustained sobriety from the addiction. A drug rehab treatment program is essentially providing a safe, supportive environment to help a person learn a new behavior and practice the strategies necessary to carry it out. Leaving a rehab facility and putting a person into a live situation where their newly-learned behaviors and strategies will be put to the test can be daunting. An effective treatment program takes this into consideration and works with patients to develop a plan when cravings arise, taking into account all of the things that bring on strong urges to begin using. Continuing care will also schedule follow up therapy appointments to ensure a person’s success with sobriety. If you or someone you love is struggling with a serious addiction and needs help to overcome this crippling condition, contact Arizona Addiction today. Our team of compassionate and caring professionals will help empower you with the skills and resources to finally put your addiction behind you. We will work directly with you to find the best possible rehab facility for your specific needs and we are committed to uplifting you to achieve the life you deserve. Content for Arizona Addiction by Cohn Media, LLC. Passionate and creative writing and broadcasting, covering the following industries: addiction rehab, health care, entertainment and technology. Advocate of clear communication, positivity and humanity at its best. www.cohn.media

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