Understanding Co-Occurring Disorder and the Risks

01/15/20: Addiction \ Alcohol Addiction \ Drug Addiction
When someone has been diagnosed with mental illness and drug addiction problems at the same time, they are said to have a co-occurring disease. Although it is not clear which condition leads to the other, it is good to know that people with co-occurring disorders are at a higher risk. In Scottsdale, some of the common mental illnesses associated with drug and alcohol addiction include anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar, depression and other psychotic reactions. People diagnosed with co-occurring disorder usually end up miserable and in worst places than those that deal with mental illness or substance abuse alone. That's when its time to choose a reputable and experienced drug and alcohol rehab center that handles Co-Occurring Disorders.  

Causes of the co-occurring disorder

According to experts, mental illness can lead to drug addiction, and drug addiction can also cause mental illness. It has, however, been proven that the condition can be genetically transferred or influenced by one's environment. Dual-disorder victims develop extreme drug dependence that can render them homeless and in bad financial situation. The worst part is, they become unstable that they can end up doing unbelievable things so that they can access drugs to reduce the urge. In the worst scenario, some even commit suicide. Co-occurring disorder victims are, in most cases, socially isolated because of their unstable state. This usually makes things worse for them and without the right help, they can lose it.  

Symptoms of dual disorder

There is a big difference between drug addiction, mental illness and co-occurring disorder. A drug addict or mental illness patient only has one problem to deal with hence are not exposed to severe symptoms. Someone with a co-occurring disorder, on the other hand, will experience magnified medical and mental health problems, especially during treatment. The symptoms can get worse when the wrong treatment is implemented. This is whereby the patient is being treated for drug addiction and not mental illness or vice-versa. The co-occurring disorder also puts its victims in a condition where the only thing the brain needs is drugs and nothing else. That is why most of them don't have a good relationship with the people around them.  

Go to Rehab

The best way to deal with a co-occurring disorder in Scottsdale is by finding the drug rehab Scottsdale services. That is because dual diagnosis disorder requires an integrated treatment which means tackling both problems at the same time. Note that with a co-occurring disorder, if one of the conditions is left untreated, it usually gets worse and in the end, leads the victim back to where they began. Experts in rehab centers can only provide excellent integrated treatment. For the best treatment process, inpatient drug rehab Scottsdale centers are recommended because the patient will be monitored closely to prevent any loopholes that can lead to relapse in the future.  


Dealing with the co-occurring disorder should only be trusted to the professionals. That is because they know how to diagnose and offer the right treatment. Keep in mind that treating dual-disorder by tackling one condition first is the wrong approach because it will only lean the problem towards one direction that can be severe addiction or mental illness. If you’re having issues with drug or alcohol addiction in Scottsdale, AZ there are a few great options. One luxury and upscale rehab in AZ is called Arizona Addiction. Check them out of your a man, it’s a male only luxury drug treatment center.

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