Signs of Meth Use that Cannot be Easily Hidden

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People in active addiction often think they are much smoother than they really are. They assume that they are great at hiding their addiction, when really everyone knows that they are using. If you do have a user in your life who is good at hiding their addiction, you may have to be a bit more observant to figure out if they are using. The following guide provides tips to spot obvious signs that someone is using meth that they cannot hide. Meth rehab Scottsdale is here to help you get sober off of meth.

Meth Causes People to Lose Weight

Meth is a stimulant and an appetite suppressor. When people start using meth on a regular basis, they often lose a lot of weight because they are not eating like they should. The users are often so high that they forget to eat, and the drugs suppress their appetite, so they don’t even realize they are hungry. If you notice that your loved one isn’t eating like they normally do or that they have lost a lot of weight, they may be using meth.

Meth Users Often Have Sores on Their Face

When people are high on meth, they can sometimes feel as though their skin is crawling. They often pick at the areas that they feel are moving and this causes sores to appear. They also look in the mirror and see things differently than they really are. They may see a small pimple and decide that they need to pop it. This then leads to them picking at other areas of their face until their entire face is full of sores. The drug can also disrupt the natural balance in their body and cause them to start to have breakouts, which become sores because they pick at them. If possible, take pictures with the person that you think is using. Compare the pictures every few days to notice if new blemishes or sores appear on their face. The pictures may also be helpful if they are using and you have to hold an intervention. They will be able to see how the drugs have been affecting them. Meth rehab Scottsdale is here to help you get sober from meth.

Meth Causes Ticks

Meth causes the body to move uncontrollably. When people use meth, their face will often twitch without them being able to control it. It also can make them do repetitive motions, such as rocking or tapping while they are in deep thought or watching something on television. If you notice your loved one start jolting uncontrollably or their face start twitching while they talk to you, there is a good chance they are using meth. The twitching of the face usually occurs around their mouth so pay attention the next time you talk to them if you think that they are abusing meth.

Meth Causes People’s Teeth to Rot

When someone is in active addiction, they often don’t worry about taking care of themselves. They don’t go to see a dentist regularly and more than likely do not use proper hygiene practices. Meth is very acidic. The acid causes teeth to decay quicker than they would naturally. The drug causes teeth to become stained a very yellow color, as well. Many users end up having their teeth fall apart or even fall out. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, it’s done. There is no way to repair the teeth back to the condition they were in before the person started using. If you notice that your loved one’s teeth have started to yellow or you smell a horrible odor when they breath, there is a chance that they could be using meth.

Meth Causes Fingertips to Turn Yellow

When the body isn’t able to filter toxins out of the body properly, they often seep through the skin. Meth causes people to sweat a lot due to the rise of their body temperature and the fact that it is a stimulant. When people use meth, the tips of their fingers often become yellow and smell horrible. This is the toxins trying to get out of the body any way that they can.

Meth Causes Paranoia

As a stimulant, meth can cause people to stay awake for days on end. After being awake for such a long time, the body starts to react poorly. Meth users often become delusional and paranoid. They think that they see things that aren’t really there and that everyone is out to get them.

Meth Causes People to Waste Their Money

A huge indication that someone may have a drug addiction is that they constantly have little to no money. Someone who is in active addiction only worries about getting their next high. They worry about getting money to buy the drugs, but not what they are going to do after they have them. Take notice of things in your house. If you notice that things have disappeared that are valuable, the person who is in active addiction may have taken them. Document everything that is missing so that you can bring it up to them if you have to hold an intervention. If you notice that your loved one has started to act differently than they normally would, they may be using. Take note of the crazy things that they start to say or do. If you can video them checking out of the windows constantly or saying delusional things, you can then show it to them later when they are sober. Seeing themselves acting so out of the ordinary may be the trigger they need to get help for their addiction. If you spot the signs of meth addiction, you need to try to get the person help right away. A meth addiction can lead to death because users don’t really know what they are getting when they buy the drugs. Many dealers now cut meth with much harder, more dangerous drugs. This is because it gets the users even higher and draws them in to want to buy again and again. Hold an intervention as soon as you can to better the chances of your loved one getting the help that they need. Content for Arizona Addiction created by Cohn Media, LLC. Passionate and creative writing and broadcasting, covering the following industries: addiction rehab, health care, entertainment, technology and the food/restaurant industry. Advocate of clear communication, positivity and humanity at its best.

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