Myths About Drug Testing Debunked Quickly and Easily

08/02/19: Drug Addiction
Drug testing is essential for business owners and for parents. Business owners need to be sure that their staff is clear headed and able to work safely and effectively. If they are using drugs, they won’t be able to work well and may even cause an accident that ends with them or someone else getting injured. If teens use drugs, there is a good chance that they could become addicted or even overdose. Many people don’t really understand how drug tests work or why they are so effective. Drug testing allows you to know if someone is using and what drugs someone is using. This allows them to require the person to get help for their addiction or fire them altogether if need be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths flying around about drug testing. The following guide debunks some of the most common myths, there are about drug testing.

Drug Testing Isn’t Always Accurate

There are a lot of myths that drug testing isn’t accurate. Some people believe that different things can trigger a false positive when they take a drug test. This isn’t very common at all. Most drug tests are very accurate and can provide detailed information about drug use. If someone fails a drug test and claims that it’s a false positive you can provide them with the opportunity to take it again if you chose. You don’t have to provide them with the opportunity, but you can. Allow them to have a few weeks before they have to take another drug test. If they fail again for the same thing, there is a good chance that they are abusing drugs.

Drug Testing Can be Only Done One Way

A common myth that circulates is that drug testing can only be done through urine tests by business owners and parents. People assume that hair, nail and blood testing can only be done if it is court ordered. This isn’t the case, though. You can have any form of drug testing you choose to be done. Many people choose to invest in urine tests simply because the result come back so quickly and because they are so affordable. It is also easy to test multiple people at one time, if someone owns a business.

Drug Testing is Expensive

Drug testing is presumed to be expensive, but really it can be relatively affordable. If you are only doing a single test, you can choose any test you want without having to spend a fortune. If you need to have numerous people tested, you may be able to get a discount for having bulk testing done. Some drug testing companies will charge less for each test if you are going to have a lot of them done.

Drug Testing Can Only Be Done at Hiring

Many employers assume that they can only drug test their employees when they first hire them. This isn’t the case. Hire an attorney to create a legally binding hiring document that states that the employee agrees to random drug testing. This allows you to randomly drug test your employees any time you feel that someone may be taking drugs. It also allows you to drug test if someone has an accident. Many insurance companies require someone who has an accident at work to take a drug test to prove that they weren’t intoxicated when the accident happened. If they were, the company may not cover the cost of the damages to your business.

Drug Testing is Easy to Beat

People often think that they can simply drink a lot of water, go into a sauna or use over-the-counter body flushing aids can help them to beat a drug test. This isn’t the case at all. It is actually very difficult to beat a drug test. This allows you to trust the results of a drug test.

Drug Testing Can’t be Used to Fire Someone

If someone fails a drug test, it can be used as a reason to fire them as long as you indicate in the hiring policies that drug use is not tolerated. If you have a drug-free policy within the business, you don’t have to give the person a second chance and can fire them on the spot. It’s important to be able to prove that the person has been using drugs. The drug testing company will provide you with the results in an intricate print out. The paperwork includes the name of the person that was tested, what drugs were in their system and the date that the test was taken. This allows you to have proof to provide to a court if someone ever tries to sue you for firing them under false pretenses. You will be able to provide the judge with documentation that proves the person violated your drug-free policy.

Drug Testing Has to be Done by Professionals

Things have changed over the years when it comes to drug testing. For many years you could only be drug tested if you went to a professional. Fortunately, advancements have been made over the years that now allow you to buy drug testing kits that you can use at home. These are a great option for testing for drugs at home but may not be the best option for your business. Getting a professional company to test your employees ensures accurate results. An at-home testing kit can be great for parents who want to test their teens at home. Knowing if your staff or child is using drugs provides you with a lot of valuable information. It allows you to choose if you want to get the person professional help to recover from their addiction or walk away from them altogether. If it’s your child that is using, you more than likely want to get them help. If it’s your employee, you can choose to fire them or provide them with helpful resources to recover from their addiction. Drug testing is a very useful tool every parent and business owner should be taking advantage of on a regular basis.

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