Addicted To Hope Rally

12/27/18: Addiction \ Addiction Recovery
There is no denying that addiction is a disease, and any disease needs treatment. People tend to think addiction is just a matter of will, but it’s not that simple. Addiction can completely change, alter, or even control your life; sometimes to horrible expenses. It can take away friends, family, loved ones, job opportunities, or living situations. Pretty much anything good, it can destroy. But how does addiction start? Addiction can stem from a lot of factors: family, abuse, mental health, hardships, etc. Typically, people abuse substances to escape some sort of hardship they are facing in life, whatever it may be. They use substances as a chemical refuge to keep them safe from their hard life. Addiction isn’t easy to overcome, but recovery is possible. There are five steps a person must take if they want to obtain full recovery: 1. Accept the fact that they struggle with addiction. 2. Be prepared to undergo addiction recovery treatments. 3. Constantly make changes to a lifestyle in order to keep growing in the process of recovery. 4. Cut out anybody that has helped feed or even cause their addictive behaviors. 5. Be diligent in their efforts to stay sober and prevent any possible relapses. The first step in recovery is acceptance. Once a person has come to admit their imperfections, it can be a little easier to give up an addiction. Too often people will continue their addiction, not only as a form of refuge from hardships, but sometimes as a way of telling themselves they will never be good enough. Once you come to the realization that nobody is perfect, recovery becomes more possible. Being vulnerable is one of the first steps into recovery. But this isn’t always that easy. There is a massive stigma around addiction that basically says it’s all about willpower, but we know that isn’t true. To some degree, willpower plays a key role. However, addiction isn’t simply someone wanting to abuse drugs. As we discussed earlier, there are many reasons why someone may fall into substance abuse. An addict may want to change their life, but their bodies have become so dependent on a particular substance that it won’t allow them to stop using it. Withdrawal is a serious issue for someone trying to give up a substance, and it can often be extremely painful and even dangerous. Withdrawal is the body's way of saying “Give me that substance and all this pain/discomfort will go away.” However, not many people are aware of how serious addiction can be, but there have been recent movements that have wanted to help bring light to the world of addiction/recovery. The Annual “Addicted To Hope” Rally is on its third year and it is working to show the world what life is like with addiction. This year’s Rally was held on October 27th, 2018 to spread awareness, encourage addicts to tell their stories, and help people understand and not feel so ashamed.

Addicted to Hope Rally

The Addicted to Hope Rally is an annual event held regularly in Winchester, Virginia. Adults and children from across the state unite to help spread awareness of the world of addiction and what someone can do to recover. This Rally is meant to unite and educate people who are struggling with addiction or people who do not understand addiction. The organization that puts this annual Rally together is The Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition and Clean Inc. This event is not only a Rally, but also an awareness walk and has other running events. “Uniting to End a Stigma!” is the Rally’s tagline and it holds a lot of significance. The main purpose of this event is to shine some light on addiction and help people who are struggling. It also fights to end the stigma around the idea that addiction is a choice, not a disease. There should be no shame, stigma, or any disgrace around addiction because it is not always a matter of will-power. This Rally’s purpose is to help people realize addiction is a disease and, if not treated, can result in serious health issues. Another thing addicts struggle with is loneliness. Whether their addiction causes loneliness or their loneliness causes their addiction, it is a serious thing these people deal with. Addiction can cause the addict to push people away and it can actually cause addiction to get worse. The Addicted To Hope Rally seeks to provide a place for these people to be open and vulnerable despite what they are struggling with. The Rally is meant to help these people and educate them on the effects of loneliness. If an addition is left alone, it can be nearly impossible to live a normal, productive, and healthy life. The Rally also wants to help the families of people who are struggling with addiction and show them how they can help their loved one. One thing people tend to do wrong when trying to help an addict is sacrificing a lot of energy and happiness in order to satisfy the emotional needs of an addict. Self-care is important, and that is another thing this Rally helps people get educated on. As we mentioned earlier, the Addicted To Hope Rally is for all ages: children, teens, adults, and seniors. Addiction around the country is rising in all age groups and this is why this Rally is for all ages. In order to spread awareness about the potential risks of addiction and encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, everyone is invited to take part in this event. Addiction holds no bias, it can affect anyone and this is why this Rally is for all ages. Addiction is a serious disease and events like the Addicted To Hope Rally are created to educate people on this disease. Addicted to Hope Rally is arranged every year to spread awareness and help those suffering from this disease. Content for Arizona Addiction by Cohn Media, LLC. Passionate and creative writing and broadcasting, covering the following industries: addiction rehab, health care, entertainment and technology. Advocate of clear communication, positivity and humanity at its best.

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