Treatment Centers In Arizona

Treatment Centers In Arizona

At SRC, we know we’re not the only choice you have when researching treatment centers in Arizona. We feel we are the right choice for anyone dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol who is ready to get the help they need and start healing. It makes no difference whether you’ve gone through detox and are prepared to enter residential treatment or still require detoxification as your first step, we’re here to help- 24/7.

More Than a Core program

While we are widely considered the ‘gold standard’ in recovery treatment in the state of Arizona, we know that to be effective in overcoming addiction, it’s necessary for the patient to want to stay engaged. Our holistic treatment programs are the perfect partner to our core residential program, providing a way to stay engaged from morning to night. Our Holistic Treatment Programs include:

  • Proper nutrition to help patients feel their best all through treatment
  • Routine exercise to boost moods
  • Spiritual therapy for those who wish to participate
  • Massage Therapy for grounding
  • Counseling to educate patients about their addiction and its effects on their body and life
  • Art therapy to improve self-confidence and help patients relearn how to relax and enjoy themselves
  • Acupuncture to speed healing
  • And so much more!

Guarantee-Backed Therapy

Unlike other treatment centers in Arizona that cut the lifeline and leave their patients helplessly floating out in society on their own, we believe a lifetime commitment from us can mean a lifetime of success for our patients. We don’t just say we’ll be there for ongoing support, but we back up our promise with a Lifetime Therapy Guarantee. Patients who complete 60-day residential treatment and an additional 30 days of our Lifetime Therapy are entitled to free, unlimited access to Lifetime Therapy. Benefits include:

  • Group therapy outpatient sessions
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Doctor access
  • Psychiatric consults
  • Trauma therapy
  • Wellness therapy
  • Drug/alcohol testing

Choose as You Go, Pay as You Go

With Lifetime Therapy from SRC, you can choose which add-on programs and services you wish to include with our core benefits. Customizing treatment is an excellent way to ensure you stay connected to the right type and level of support after residential treatment.

Our therapy cycles are set up in 30-day increments that allow you to jump in or opt out at any time, make changes to the services or programs you’ve picked in the past, and move forward as your budget and needs allow. We’ll be here to make recommendations and help you stay engaged to the degree that’s right for you.

Get In Touch With an SRC Intake Specialist

Have questions or just want to learn more? We’re available day and night to take your call and listen to your questions and concerns while you search for the right type of treatment for you or someone you care about. Feel free to take advantage of the resources on our website while looking at treatment centers in Arizona.

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Treatment Centers In Arizona
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