south Florida Alcohol Rehab

Article provided by: Meridian Treatment Solutions

south Florida Alcohol Rehab

Substance abuse is devastating on the long-run, pretty much regardless of the type and nature of the substance. However, in many cases, it seems like alcohol addiction is even more dangerous than that caused by drugs, including narcotics, illicit opioids or prescription pain relievers. We, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, have to deal with a lot of alcohol addicts and, from where we stand, the situation doesn’t look like it’s improving.

Statistics show that both referring to South Florida Alcohol rehab institutions, as well as those nationwide and across the world:

- 22% of those admitted to institutional rehab treatments are alcoholics

- Only approximately 44% complete the program

- Close to 55% of those accepted into the rehabilitation program are forced to do so by the justice system

- Around 24% fail to complete the program by relapsing

- In 2015 over 15 million adults in the US were suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), and over 620,000 adolescence ages between 12 and 17 were having the same problem

- More than 88,000 Americans die annually due to alcohol-related issues with an additional 10,000 deaths caused by drink driving

These statistics are grim and show how much of problem alcoholism is. One whose real magnitude is unknown to most people.

What makes alcoholism so dangerous?

There are several crucial differences between alcoholism and illicit drugs, or even prescription painkillers:

1. Alcohol abuse is harder to identify

With illegal drug abuse, things are pretty clear. Don’t use them under any circumstance, no matter the quantity or the frequency. Painkillers come with prescriptions pinpointing to the exact doses needed to be consumed. But with alcohol, everything varies. Binge drinking (consuming more than five drinks over a short timespan) is not dangerous in and of itself. It can become dangerous, though, if repeated often enough. And, with alcohol, addiction is usually identified only long after it has installed.

2. Alcoholism appears to be less dangerous

As shown by all South Florida alcohol rehab programs, that’s never the case. Although the damages caused by alcohol on short-term are not as severe, they will grow to be over the course of several years. Alcohol is pretty much as deadly as any other substance, given enough time. It doesn’t appear to be, due to its slower effects, but that’s just one more danger to its name.

3. Alcohol addicts always find excuses not to attend rehab

One of the main problems with alcoholism is that the addicts will have problems admitting they have a problem in the first place. Reasons like: “I could stop if I wanted to, but I don’t,” “I only drink for pleasure, I’m not addicted,” “I’m not yet ready to start the rehab” are both familiar and incredibly debilitating regarding providing the patient with professional support.

This is why South Florida alcohol rehab programs have evolved to cover a wide range of problems caused by alcohol addiction, and Meridian Treatment Solutions is at the heart of the war. We consider alcoholism as a matter of extreme importance, one that needs to be dealt with as fast as possible.