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Sober Homes Austin Tx

As the name implies, sober homes are homes where rehabilitated or recovering drug users can fully outgrow into a lifetime of sobriety. While this sounds like an ideal place, it's not that straightforward. The primary purpose of sober homes in Austin, TX, is not to make the residents sober, per se, but to provide community support and an atmosphere that will make their integration into the larger society easier.

Lapse, relapse, and re-possession

After rehabilitation in an Intensive inpatient/residential facility, patients will have to contend with the question of fitting back into their society and returning to their normal lives. This would mean finding and keeping a job, leasing an appointment, interacting with family and friends, and so. Preparation for all these in Texas sober homes would humanize the science of the healing process. Without these in place, the patients can sink into a worse psychological breakdown and go back into drug or alcohol abuse.

A review of 78704 Austin TX sober living homes

Several studies revealed that the relapse rates for heroin users are as high as 78.2 percent, while it's 68.4 percent in the case of alcoholism. This can be worse than the first breakdown and can even lead to lower chances of recovery in a rehab or Texas sober living communities or may even result in OD on it. So they provide the benefits of buying outrightly, building from scratch, or mortgage. We're one of the finest institutions committed to Transitional living in Austin, TX. Here's a quick review of our services, process, methods, staff, and why you should choose us today.

·    Our services

We are driven by the passion for making people sober while in our facility and even after their stay. Struggling with alcohol or substance abuse should not be the end of your existence or functioning in mainstream society. It is why we have tailored our services to create an atmosphere that will reorientate our residents towards the mindset and psychological preparation. Anxiety is one of the most significant triggers of relapse. So what else can take away that anxiety by living in a close-knit community of people who just overcame the same battle as you and our senior-level team, which has recorded over 60 years of sobriety for residents?

·    Process and methods

Our process is designed to make our results comfortable. Sober living in Austin, TX, doesn't have to be an unpleasant denial of freedom.

Regardless of whether our residents are at the beginning of their recovery journey or continuing the work they've already started, our multi-level support system can meet a client's need wherever they are in their journey to recovery. Our program provides experience and resources in a nurturing and healing environment that other sober living environments can't match. So apart from our top of the line facility, which creates an enabling environment for disarming post-rehab anxiety, we hold breathwork sessions weekly, house meetings bi-weekly, 30-minute therapy and counseling sessions, and so on. Therapy should not end at the exit door of a rehab center but should exist for as long as patients near the risk of returning to their old lives.

·    Our Staff

We've assembled a team of experts and administrators experienced in mental and psychological health care, civic education, and social, behavioral science, among others. Their experience traverses many fields. This is useful when we teach and prepare our residents for life behind the walls. We also have mentors who have probably been in your shoes, have a first-hand insight into your troubles, and are deeply committed to helping you.

·    Why us?

We adopt a holistic and flexible approach in our recovery community. Most sober living homes in Austin, TX, make unrealistic promises about an overnight transformation. Our 60-plus years' experience has taught us addiction itself is a science, and thus, disabusing a recovering patient takes science. We temper this science with a relaxed environment of creativity, music, and art; and actively encourage our residents to participate in this mind-enriching stuff.

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