Sex Addiction Therapy Chicago

Sex Addiction Therapy Chicago

Sex can be life affirming, but when it becomes the thing of an addiction, it doesn't serve its purpose anymore. If you're addicted to sex, it may be something you feel ashamed of. In fact, it can be challenging for the spouse or partner of an addict.

Fortunately, sex addiction is treatable, just as other addictions. If you or your spouse/partner are looking for treatment for sex addiction, Off the Crooked Path can help. We have a professional team that has extensive experience with sexual addiction. Whether you are worried about yourself or a partner, we can help you. Here are some ways our sex addiction treatment can help you and your family

We can help you reconnect with your partner

There are many things to talk about if your partner has a sex addiction. Attending sex addiction therapy sessions will help the couple work out their emotions and decisions regarding their family.

 A sex addiction problem can put significant strain on a family. It can be devastating when someone compulsively desires sex all the time. Those who are struggling with sex addiction will cheat on their partner. 

The partner or spouse of someone with sex addiction will have to remain strong to address the situation. Our sex addiction therapy can make things better. After you undergo our therapy session, your sexual behavior starts to normalize.

We can help you distinguish between health and unhealthy sex

Sex is a natural phenomenon, but it has a negative effect when done in excess. Sex addiction limits your ability to appreciate sex from a genuine zone of love. Someone with a sex addiction can't identify between positive and negative behaviors.

For instance, unhealthy sexual behavior is when someone turns to sex to fill some gap in their life. Here at Off the Crooked Path, our sex addiction therapy sessions will make it easier for you to recognize these behaviors. 

We'll help you limit obsessive-compulsive thoughts, boost your self-esteem and general well-being. Talking to our sex addiction therapist will walk you through the pros as well as cons of sexual gratification.

We can help you address any unaddressed issues in sex addiction

You will become more accountable for your action when you undergo sex addiction therapy. Our therapy session could help you realize that your sexual act was used to curb mental health issues. For instance, your sex obsession may be used as a coping mechanism for trauma.

We can help you no matter your condition. When you turn to us for help with sex addiction, your life will change completely, and you can get back to appreciating your relationships.

Contact Off The Crooked Path For Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction can be distressing, but it's treatable. If you or your spouse/partner is showing some sign of sex addiction, such as

  • Practicing unsafe sex
  • Obsessively using pornography
  • Excessive self-stimulation
  • Extramarital or extra-relationship affairs

We can help you rebuild your life and your family. Contact our addiction hotlines today at 312-593-1711 to learn more about treatment options.

Sex Addiction Therapy Chicago