Rehab Thousand Oaks CA

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Rehab Thousand Oaks CA

La Ventana Treatment Programs is the best rehab in Thousand Oaks, CA, established for people who want to take a different yet highly proven approach to recovery. At La Ventana, most of our patients have been to rehab before; some of them have been to rehab more times than they can remember! It is our goal to put an end to the revolving door or rehab and the vicious cycle of addiction for as many patients as possible once and for all!

La Ventana Treatment Programs is a Rehab in Thousand Oaks for Mental Health Conditions and Addictions

Addiction is a disease, and solely treating the symptoms of addiction - as most rehabs in Thousand Oaks do - is not sufficient to bring about lasting recovery. Of course, La Ventana Treatment Programs is not just for substance abuse. La Ventana has programs for mental health problems, which is fitting since substance abuse, addiction, and mental health conditions are usually synonymous with one another. La Ventana also provides residential and outpatient rehab for adolescents in Thousand Oaks.

A Rehab in Thousand Oaks, CA Changing Things for the Better

Part of what makes La Ventana so successful in treatment is that we take a more holistic approach to treating addictions and mental health conditions. We combine the best of traditional treatments with the best modern, science-based treatments. Across California and throughout the US, rehab facilities have deplorable recovery rates ranging being 18 - 24% for their patients. This means that out of every 100 mental health and addiction patients who attend rehab, searching for the help they need, a whopping 76 - 82 of them will relapse within two years.

At La Ventana Treatment Programs, our aim is to change these awful numbers for the better, and the only way to change the statistics is to change our treatment philosophy. Here, we do things differently not merely for the sake of being different. Rather, we do things differently because doing things the way we always have hasn't worked. Indeed, few would disagree with the logic that when something is obviously broken, it should be fixed!

What You Can Expect at La Ventana Treatment Programs

As with any organization, La Ventana will only go as far as our staff takes us. La Ventana is proud to employ some of the best addiction treatment specialists in California, many of whom have overcome addictions and mental health issues themselves. Our team is empowered with state-of-the-art tools and leeway to treat each patient according to his or her own needs. Some people benefit from Yoga, some people benefit from music therapy, and some do not. The point is, La Ventana has a wide range of addiction treatment options for our clients, and we never use a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol.

We give our patients the tools they need to not only recover in rehab but to recover after they leave rehab! This includes helping our clients find sponsors, helping them obtain sober living housing, constructing an aftercare treatment program, helping them identify their triggers and cravings, and more.

Rehab Thousand Oaks CA
La Ventana Treatment Programs
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