Ottawa Ontario Drug Rehab

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Ottawa Ontario Drug Rehab

If you or a relative struggle with drug addiction, we invite you to join our Ottawa, Ontario, drug rehab program today! Valiant Recovery offers high-end treatment for all types of addiction, allowing you to recover and rebuild your life from scratch.

Helping an addict

If a person close to you has fallen victim to drug addiction, you must help them fast! Depending on the substance they’re using, their condition will aggravate soon, and it is up to you to make the right decisions for them. All victims of addiction will deny the problem in the initial stages, resorting to defensive and manipulative behavior to get a pass or even support for their addiction. It will often lead to situations of codependency, where people close to the victim end up enabling their harmful habits.

You must realize the danger of codependency and make better choices, for your loved one’s sake. We can help you stage an intervention today, allowing you to confront the victim and put together a plan to save them from themselves. You can contact us for details about the procedure and set things in motion with the help of one of our experts.

How does an intervention work?

The intervention is the equivalent of an open and honest confrontation between the victim and the people they love, including family members and friends. During the intervention, you will explain how their behavior is damaging for them as well as for you, and how you are ready to support them, so long as they are willing to change. If not, you must be prepared to withdraw your support entirely, morally, financially, and emotionally.

The addict needs to feel that there will be real consequences to their decisions, otherwise, they won’t change if they think they can manipulate you. And this is where our expertise comes in. The interventionist will make sure to keep the discussion on the right track, as well as calm the waters since interventions can lead to pretty heated confrontations. It is also imperative to have the expert prevent and deal with the addict’s manipulative behavior, including anger, victimization, attempts at diverting the discussion, etc.

The most effective rehab treatment

The best rehabilitation treatment needs to offer high-end programs, a unique approach, and comfortable, luxurious living conditions. At our center, we provide more than that. We have adopted a holistic approach, which has allowed us to build one of the most comprehensive forms of rehab treatments in the field. The rehab strategy that we’re using involves:

  • Targeted detoxification
  • Co-occurring diagnosis and treatment
  • Advanced psychotherapies (individual counseling, behavioral therapies, emotional trauma, group therapy, recreational activities, etc.)
  • Family care and support
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention
  • Addiction education and life skills, etc.

Our Ottawa, Ontario, drug rehab program is ideal for all forms of addiction, including the more advanced stages. You only need to find the inner strength to acknowledge the problem and contact us, and we’ll handle the rest. At Valiant Recovery, you have the opportunity to start life anew – don’t miss on it!

Ottawa Ontario Drug Rehab
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