Massachusetts Drug Rehab Programs

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With the help of the Massachusetts drug rehab programs, addicts get a chance at a new life, where they are free from drug dependency and addiction. We, at The Riverbank House, strive to offer help to all the addicts suffering from withdrawal or the pains of addiction. Moreover, through comprehensive treatments and personalized treatments, we will do just that.

How can I overcome drug addiction?

To achieve that, you need professional help in the form of a scientifically-accurate treatment plan. There’s nothing you can do at home, and a short-term, expensive treatment would only give you false hopes. We are not an institutional drug rehab facility but rather a residential community where we help you recover efficiently.

This implies a full detox program to treat your dependency, and a three-way treatment module to help you escape the addiction. Furthermore, we provide helpful psychotherapy and holistic elements that can boost your recovery rate. For example, you can engage in outdoor activities alongside other patients, to increase your overall comfort and happiness.

Why long-term care is vital

We certainly encourage you to prolong your stay with us because only long-term treatment would be efficient and successful. Unlike the 28-day program where you barely get through the detox module, a 90-day program allows us to be more thorough and exhaustive. We can teach you important relapse-coping skills, help you develop your own motivation and constructive behaviors.

Dependency might not require more than a few weeks of detox to disappear, but addiction is an entirely different monster altogether. The psychological abnormalities brought by it will not dissipate in a short time. The drug cravings and compulsive behaviors have psychological causes that we have to treat carefully. With the Massachusetts drug rehab programs, all drug addicts have an opportunity to recover.

Career training and employment

Our recovery community allows you to receive career support from any of our affiliated businesses. Through them, we can help you receive experience in any of the following professions:

  • Concept design
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Client interface
  • Web development
  • Project estimating
  • Materials ordering and inventory
  • Trade shows
  • Bookkeeping
  • Skills development

We promote a direct form of experience where you receive hands-on guidance in these professions. Moreover, you should be able to build your resume and experience in any of these trades. When it comes to employment advice and support, we are the best chance a reforming alcoholic has at a healthy life.

What is a cheap addiction center?

Among the Massachusetts drug rehab programs, our addiction center offers accessible service packages fit for all pockets. If you’re in financial straits, our Grant program might help you. We select randomly from those who’ve applied to our program, and we’ll announce you through the phone if you’re the winner.

The Riverbank House community provides immediate help to alcohol or drug addicts. Our extended family will help you get through the painful isolation, the grief, and the anxiety of addiction. After the detox treatment, we will support your full rehabilitation in a comfortable and recovery-conducive environment.

Massachusetts Drug Rehab Programs