Iop Treatment Newport Beach

Iop Treatment Newport Beach

Here at LIDO Wellness Center, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for mental health in our Newport Beach Facility. Our mission is to educate families and those struggling with mental health. If you have any questions about our IOP treatment in Newport Beach, here is a list of frequently asked questions about our services.

What is IOP?

An Intensive Outpatient Program is a treatment program that provides education, group therapy, skill-building, and family support. Here at LIDO Wellness Center, our program offers professional care, counseling, and peer support that allows our patients to keep their daily routines and live at home.

How can an IOP help me?

Intensive outpatient programs can help you in several ways. It provides a safe and secure environment that prevents further damage and develops a plan to cope with crises. Besides that, you will receive more extended care and be exposed to more treatments to help you cope with your health problems.

How do I know if an Intensive outpatient program is right for me?

An intensive outpatient program is not the right level of care if you are unsafe and pose a risk of danger to yourself or the people around you. If you feel moderate to severe symptoms and have difficulties functioning, IOP might not be the right level of care. However, if you are feeling mild to moderate symptoms and can function without problems, IOP might probably be the right level of care for you.

What happens after IOP?

After completing the intensive outpatient program, we'll always check our patients for the first few months. We strive to support the progress of all our patients. You can easily opt out if you don't want us to reach you. However, we strongly encourage continued contact from our health care professional since it's linked to positive improvements.

Does insurance cover IOP?

Most insurance plans now cover mental health disorder treatment. Here at LIDO Wellness Center, we'll help you determine the out-of-pocket cost once we have your insurance plan information if your provider doesn't cover the service. We can also help you arrange a flexible payment plan if you have a large deductible.

Do you only work with patients in Newport Beach?

We see many folks in Newport Beach and the surrounding area. Our medical professionals are always ready and available to help you; it doesn't matter where you are from, provided you can access our Newport Beach facility.

How do I get started with IOP treatment?

Getting started with Newport Beach IOP treatment is very simple. We only need your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and insurance plan information. We'll review some information with you during your appointment and collect your medical history. 

We schedule most treatment sessions in the morning and afternoon. If our schedule doesn't work for you, we will try to accommodate yours. 

To get started with our IOP treatment in Newport Beach, please get in touch with us at 949-541-8466.

Iop Treatment Newport Beach