Heroin Rehab Massachusetts

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Heroin Rehab Massachusetts

A heroin rehab and recovery center is similar to many other addictive drug rehab facilities. The notable difference is that heroin withdrawal takes longer than most other drugs, making it difficult for you to recover.

Harvard Medical Center reports that the average heroin dosage for an addict lasts between four and six hours. It is only reasonable that a person will have severe cravings and a strong urge for another shot just to stop the pain. One should check into a rehab facility specializing in heroin addictions to get substance addiction services that address the drug's specificities.

Reasons to choose our addiction treatment centers in Massachusetts

Custom detox

The heroin detox experience is physically tough. The person will experience severe withdrawal signs like muscle aches, agitation, nausea, cold flashes, and dangerous seizures. The progression of the detox depends on the nature of the addiction and the resources of the rehab.

Detoxification is a highly individualized process that needs careful planning by a medical expert team at a Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab. Our detoxification process replaces the most negative experiences with tolerable strategies. We encourage you to work with us to understand your body reactions for the best healing phase.

Ongoing support

Heroin addiction takes a toll on the mind and body in worse ways than alcohol and most other drugs. The patient will need inpatient detox and recovery with twenty-four house support by doctors, therapists, and nurses. Our extended services cover inpatient and outpatient treatment in several different ways. It would help if you committed to the inpatient program to reduce the chances of a relapse.


There is no simple answer to define the exact cost of heroin rehab in Massachusetts. The good news about Baystate Recovery is we accept many different types of insurance. Health insurance covers 50-60% of all costs, making Massachusetts drug rehab an affordable service for most people. We do not suddenly change our stance at the last minute, resulting in heavy financial burdens for the patient and family. The details that influence our costs to include the following standard determinants:

  • Type of heroin treatment you receive
  • Length of treatment
  • Amenities you will use, including medication and staff.

Sober living space

Sober living is helpful to people with a high risk of relapsing. We are open to accommodating different candidates needing the shelter of a sober living house.

Our most common candidates often lack a stable living environment, a history of relapse, or little social support. The length of the stay at the sober living house depends on the individual’s needs at the transition time. You can trust to reach a high level of self-sufficiency when you stay at one of our sober living homes at heroin rehab in Massachusetts.

PHP treatment

Heroin treatment finds a great fit in our intensive PHP program. We will place you in the program if you have a history of daily drug use, co-occurring disorders, or obligations like school and work. These step-down programs are excellent for residential treatment graduates.

We have many approaches to treating heroin. Let us place you in the perfect addiction inpatient program by letting you talk to one of our counselors as we verify your insurance policy via 800-270-2302.


Heroin Rehab Massachusetts