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If you or your loved one needs helping with quitting heroin, why not get help at the best heroin addiction clinic in Bloomingdale, IL? Here, we specialize in treating opioid addiction, including heroin addiction. Indeed, addiction to heroin, pain medication, and fentanyl are the most common addictions that we treat at Brightside Clinic. Using the best combination of modern and traditional heroin addiction treatment techniques, Brightside Clinic is helping people to quit heroin and regain control of their lives every day!

Heroin addiction and addiction to opioids, in general, is a massive problem in the Bloomingdale community, as it is throughout IL and the USA. The reason that Brightside Clinic has been so effective in treating heroin addiction over the years is that we provide hands-on, customized care for all of our patients. No two people are the same, and no two people require the exact same kinds or the exact same levels of treatment at the exact same time. Customized patient care allows us to meet our patients on their level and give them the best treatment possible, maximizing their chances of getting off heroin and staying clean indefinitely.

How Do People Become Addicted to Heroin?

People become addicted to heroin for all kinds of reasons. For example, some people are exposed to the drug at home or at school. Others are exposed to heroin in their community. Today, there seems to be a growing new class of heroin addicts that we'll call them the "Unlikely Addicts."

Unlikely addicts are the people whom you would least expect to become addicted to drugs - especially to a drug like heroin! These are otherwise decent people who obey the law and pay their taxes. The story of how these individuals become addicted to heroin is usually the same. The person gets injured or undergoes an operation, after which, prescription narcotics are given to them. The individual develops an addiction to the narcotics, but inevitably, the doctor one day says, "No more." Now, since the person can no longer obtain the prescription pain medicine that they have become addicted to, they resort to buying these drugs on the streets or using heroin when those drugs are not readily available.

The Downward Trajectory of a Heroin Addict

When a person goes to a street dealer to obtain prescription medication or heroin, they are exposing themselves to a lot of potentially bad outcomes. We see this, too, all the time at our heroin addiction clinic in Bloomingdale, IL. For example, purchasing, using, or selling narcotics can result in an arrest, prosecution, and a felony on a person's criminal record. A lot of people will resort to stealing and or prostituting themselves, which puts them at risk for HIV and STDs. The drugs may be cut or laced with other harmful chemicals as well. All of this takes a rapid and drastic tool on both the body and the mind, which is why successful treatment for heroin addiction involves treating the body and the mind.

Heroin Addiction Clinic Bloomingdale IL