Drug Rehabs In Phoenix

Drug Rehabs In Phoenix

You could spend hours researching drug rehabs in Phoenix- or you could make one call to Arizona Addiction for free referral services that ensure you’re matched with the right treatment center for drug addiction. With no hidden fees or costs, there’s no reason not to call us when searching for a treatment center that meets your needs. If you’re online looking for information on treatment programs, detox services, outpatient care, or any other type of service related to recovery, we’re here to help.

When We Say Free, We Mean It

Our referral and placement services are 100% free to our clients and since we do not represent a single treatment facility, you know we’ll always offer unbiased information, reviews, and other types of assistance. If you’re not sure whether your insurance plan covers treatment, we can verify your benefits and make recommendations based on facilities that are known to work with your plan. Call an Arizona Addiction consultant for more information on:

  • Alcohol or drug detox facilities
  • Residential inpatient programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Program facilities
  • Partial Hospitalization programs
  • Outpatient services
  • Aftercare
  • And more

Your Free Assessment Starts Now

Call day or night to connect with one of our placement specialists. Our primary goal is to empower our callers to make the crucial decision to get help for addiction before it’s too late. It’s hard to believe a single phone call could offer so much hope to an alcoholic or addict, but the truth is, just by reaching out to us, you’re beginning a connection that will change your life- for the better.

Don’t Go Through the Research Process Alone

The right choice from drug rehabs in Phoenix can make all the difference in the outcome of your recovery. With lifelong recovery from addiction as the goal, we believe getting connected with the right facility is imperative. We work with the most successful treatment centers in the state of Arizona- particularly upscale drug rehabs in Phoenix- with high ratings and positive reviews. We can ensure you are placed immediately to avoid using or relapsing.

Free Resources

Take advantage of our website’s resources to learn more about addiction, get informed on how drugs or alcohol negatively affect your body, or simply connect with our staff with questions. We never charge for our services, so feel free to make the call any time of the day or night. Whether you just need some help finding a local AA meeting or are ready to turn your life around and get help for addiction, you’ll find our knowledgeable, compassionate agents are here for you.

No-Risk Addiction Treatment

We’ve taken the stress out of trying to find the right program, treatment facility, support, and resources. There’s no need to make endless phone calls or search online for drug rehabs in Phoenix- we’ll search our extensive database and select a recovery program based on your insurance coverage, your recovery needs, and your preferred amenities. There’s no better time to start healing from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug Rehabs In Phoenix
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