Drug Rehabs In New Jersey

Drug Rehabs In New Jersey

If you suffer from alcoholism or substance abuse, joining one of the drug rehabs in New Jersey may be the best decision you can make for yourself. CTRLCare behavioral health is one of the best rehab facilities with customized adult, youth, and alumni care programs with an exceptional clinical team and proven treatments.

CTRLCare Behavioral Health 

We are the best drug and alcohol rehab in NJ for behavioral and mental health disorders. As among the top drug treatment centers, we offer the best IOP, outpatient, and telehealth treatment services. Our facility uses cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, etc., to help our clients get sober and attain improved psychiatric wellness. No two addiction situations are ever the same. Hence, our clinicians customize our top alcohol and drug programs after a detailed review of each client’s physical and mental health and addiction history.

Unlike other addiction recovery facilities, we do not engage our clients in several hours of group meetings and address the issues on the surface. We go to great lengths to identify the underlying mental health issues that trigger drug use or alcohol consumption in our recovering addicts. Our therapists then use advanced and innovative psychotherapies to treat addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

  • Residential treatment centers

Residential rehabs require you to stay at an enclosed but comfortable treatment facility for 30 – 90 days. The goal of residential addiction treatment is to house you in a safe and supportive environment, safe from the stressors of your everyday life. There are numerous inpatient rehab facilities in New Jersey. However, inpatient treatment comes at a price. Not everyone can afford inpatient treatment as it includes the cost of accommodation, and it also requires you to leave your family and loved ones for several weeks.

Not to mention, residential treatment requires you to take a leave of absence from work. Nevertheless, if you suffer from a severe addiction disorder, inpatient treatment may be pivotal to helping you get clean and lead a sober lifestyle in the long term.

  • Outpatient therapy providers

Outpatient rehab engages you in 1-2 hours of therapy for 5-6 days a week. It can last for anywhere from 3-12 months, based on your progress in recovery. It is a more appropriate recovery option for those in the early stages of addiction.

  • Sober living homes

It acts as a bridge between inpatient rehab and the outside world. While you feel ready to return to your routine life after spending several weeks in inpatient rehab, the transition can be a challenging, triggering, and stressful endeavor. Sober living homes can make the shift less taunting and more seamless and prevent you from relapsing in the long run.

  • Detox-only treatment centers

A detox-only rehab center uses medications like benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and clonidine to treat different withdrawal symptoms. Individuals suffering from moderate to severe substance abuse disorder should get help for addiction from detox-only rehab facilities.

Contact 609-237-0088 to verify your insurance with one of the top drug rehabs in New Jersey. CTRLCare behavioral health has made getting clean possible for hundreds of recovering addicts with a proven treatment approach and personalized care. We can help you overcome these turbulent times and become a better version of yourself. Make the call today to get started on your journey towards a sober tomorrow.

Drug Rehabs In New Jersey
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Drug Rehabs In New Jersey
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