Drug Rehab Arizona

Drug Rehab Arizona

Imagine going to drug rehab in Arizona and catching lice, taking home bedbugs, or even a fresh infestation of cockroaches. Imagine going to rehab and graduating with scabies. While these might sound like nightmare scenarios (as they are), these kinds of things happen all the time at drug rehabs in Arizona! Although this is an extreme example, it's not uncommon, as many rehabs are little more than incubators for contamination, germs, bacteria, and the spread of communicable viruses.

Additionally, many people take 30 - 90 days out of their lives to attend residential inpatient rehab not knowing that 82% of all of the rehab's patients will relapse within two years after attending, and most of them will relapse within the first 90 days following the completion of rehab! Why do so many people relapse after going to rehab? Why do people get sick or bring home bugs when they go to rehab? The answer to both questions is the same.

Why You Should Choose the Best Drug Rehab in Arizona

Perhaps many drug rehabs in Arizona are well-intended; they want to help as many people as they possibly can. Therefore, they stuff as many patients into their rehab that they can house at once, which places an immense strain on the rehab's resources. It is no secret that many rehabs are understaffed, overcrowded, and underfunded. This means several things, namely that the patients don't get the quality of care or the one-on-one care that they need and deserve.

These are the kinds of drug rehabs in Arizona that use a cut and paste treatment model where it is expected that one size fits all. In other words, everybody gets the same treatment, the same groups, and the same message. But why settle for less? Why settle for a drug rehab in Arizona that doesn't live up to your needs and expectations? Why take 30 - 90 days out of your life to attend rehab only to effectively waste your time and not get what you need from the program?

Contact Arizona Addiction for the Best Drug Rehab in Arizona

The best rehabs are not too expensive and are not out of reach! Having a friend like Arizona Addiction who networks with the best rehabs in Phoenix can be the difference between choosing the right rehab and wasting your time and money and likely dealing with the disappointment of relapse again. Give Arizona Addiction a call today. We partner with the best drug rehabs in Arizona. There are top-notch drug and alcohol rehabs in Phoenix that accept insurance, offer financing, and will work out a payment plan with you. You just have to know where to look, but think of Arizona Addiction as your shortcut.

Think of Arizona Addiction as your advocate. We'll open up a world of possibilities that would not be possible without us. We'll work with you to find the help you need now and put together a plan that involves ongoing care, aftercare, outpatient rehab, etc.


Drug Rehab Arizona
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Drug Rehab Arizona
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