Drug Alcohol Treatment So Cal

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Do you want to join a top substance rehab treatment? If that’s the case, welcome to Oaks of Hope! Forget about the traditional, unbending rehab centers that promote an over-dramatic view on substance rehab! Those are the type of facilities where you go to get depression, not treat it.

Instead, we’re all about fun. Our drug and alcohol treatment in So Cal it’s one of the most effective in the business for good reasons. We approach the rehab treatment from an innovative perspective, using a multi-disciplinary system to increase its effectiveness. In other words – we have a multitude of programs at your disposal. These include:

Clinical detoxification and stabilization – We use medication to stabilize your condition the moment that the rehab treatment begins. The detox process lasts up to 10 days, depending on your medical status, and our clinicians will supervise the process around the clock. The purpose of the detox strategy is to eliminate withdrawal, cleanse your body and mind of toxins, and allow you to recover faster.

Dual diagnosis – The dual diagnosis process relies on a combination of medication and psychotherapies. We use this procedure to address the co-occurring disorders that some develop as a result of substance abuse. Left untreated, mental problems like depression or PTSD can exacerbate the side-effects of substance addiction. We will eliminate them right from the get-go, or have our experts devise a treatment plan that will help you manage them in the long run.

Therapeutic support – Medication alone only helps temporarily. This is the main reason why rehab programs relying exclusively on medical detox fail in the long-term. Our drug and alcohol treatment in So Cal includes a variety of psychotherapies in the mix. Their purpose is to balance your emotions, control your behavior, and ready you for social reintegration.

Emotional and spiritual healing – Not all people function the same. Everybody is different, despite the identical biological substrate, which means everybody heals at a different pace. We’ll help you find joy in swimming, hiking, sports activities, physical workouts, meditation, and even in our variate, 5-star cuisine. Soon, you’ll remember what it’s like to enjoy life for the little things.

Education and relapse prevention – Education is the most solid wall in the face of the relapse. Medication won’t help you if your system of values doesn’t include staying sober at any cost. We’ll teach you how to achieve the long-term sobriety, and we’ll show you the benefits of going clean for good. You’ll get a better job, your relationship with those you love will improve, and your whole life will change considerably.

If you need urgent assistance, check out our drug and alcohol treatment in So Cal today! More about our program is available online, so don’t forget to visit our website or give us a call if you have any queries. We’re available for contact around the clock.

Come to Oaks of Hope to remember what it’s like to live a free, healthy, happy life again! Let us help you, call in for an appointment as soon as possible!

Drug Alcohol Treatment So Cal