board and care facility in LA

board and care facility in LA

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus. While most people infected with the disease experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without the need for specialized care, some people are at a higher risk of developing a serious illness that could lead to death. This includes the elderly and those suffering from underlying medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease.

If you are looking for a senior assisted living community in LA that provides top-notch safety measures, Royal Garden Board & Care Homes may be the best option for you to consider. Here are the steps we take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Universal Use of Masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all visitors and residents are mandated to wear masks. All masks should fit over the face snugly and without gaps. Strategies for improving mask fit are covered elsewhere. The goal of universal masking is to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 from uninfected virus carriers. Upon entering the facility are given well-fitting masks. As with our residents, they are required to wear a well-fitting mask when leaving their room or being within six feet of another individual.


Our staff is vaccinated and tested in accordance with Executive Order amendments and revisions. We strongly advise older adults to get the vaccine as soon as possible because it has been indicated that the vaccine works is effective and safe for senior citizens. However, there are certain things we cannot say with certainty, as with any new medical treatment. For example, it may be too soon to tell if there are any unusual long-term side effects. We currently believe anyone who can obtain the vaccine should do so.

Staff That Shows Symptoms of Any Type of Illness Are Being Instructed to Stay Home

In addition to restricting visitors who may be sick, our staff members are being told to stay at home if they have coronavirus, the common cold, the flu, or any other illness. Because staff members spend time with a variety of residents throughout the day, if one becomes ill, the likelihood of spreading the illness to multiple recipients is high. As a result, we ensure that employees do not work if they are sick and may bring an illness into our memory care living center.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

While the best assisted living facilities for memory loss must always maintain cleanliness, we are currently following more stringent cleaning procedures. The CDC recommends that Assisted living communities use hospital-grade disinfectants to clean all frequently touched surfaces and shared areas on a regular basis, and we do just that. When we decided to keep common areas open for residents, we were especially diligent in disinfecting surfaces such as couches and shared exercise equipment several times throughout the day.

Board and Care Facility in LA

Royal Garden Board & Care Homes is a luxury board and care facility in LA that puts the best measures for their safety in place and offers the best senior living services in the city. Contact us today for more details.


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board and care facility in LA
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