Alcohol Rehab San Diego

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AKUA Mind & Body is the premier alcohol rehab in San Diego. Here, we use innovative and integrative treatment techniques to help our patients achieve lasting sobriety - something that alcohol rehabs have failed to do abysmally! Integrative medicine promotes a therapeutic relationship between our practitioners and our patients. AKUA Mind & Body provides individual therapy, group therapy, and, when appropriate, family therapy. Further, AKUA Mind & Body uses treatment techniques that are informed by evidence. Put simply; AKUA Mind & Body is an alcohol rehab in San Diego that treats the whole person and not just a single problem.

At AKUA Mind & Body, we have a one-of-a-kind alcohol addiction treatment program that gives us many treatment options. Ultimately, treatment plans are developed based on the unique needs of each patient. With customizable treatment plans, AKUA Mind & Body is able to provide quality, meaningful treatment that reaps better, longer-lasting sobriety.

What's the Best Alcohol Rehab in San Diego?

It might come as no surprise that AKUA Mind & Body promotes itself as the best choice for alcohol abuse treatment in San Diego. However, we would like to state that our claim isn't blind or naive. We have a lot of evidence to support our assertion that AKUA Mind & Body is the best choice for alcoholics. What evidence is that? Results.

Did you know that, on average, in America, 83-87% of all people who graduate from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center will relapse within just two years? That's more than 4/5 people! Of that 83-87%, 65-72% of them will relapse within just 90 days after finishing rehab, according to national averages. Of course, this can't be all blamed on the drug and alcohol rehabs that are treating these people, as there are many reasons why relapse happens, and each case is different. Still, with numbers this bad, the drug and alcohol treatment centers of America must be doing something wrong!

A Modern Alcohol Rehab in San Diego

On its face, there is nothing wrong with traditional recovery programs, such as AA and the 12 steps. In fact, many people have gotten sober and have stayed sober largely because of these programs. However, for many people who fall through the cracks, these programs are not enough. That is why AKUA Mind & Body is an alcohol rehab in San Diego that takes a different approach to alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

The fact is; traditional alcohol treatment and recovery programs have their due place in rehab. However, AKUA Mind & Body uses the best of both worlds. We use the best from traditional treatment models and modern treatment models. Here are some of the treatment methods available at AKUA Mind & Body, all of which are customizable to the needs of the patient:

  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dietary and nutrition counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectal behavioral therapies (DBT)

Contact AKUA Mind & Body if you are looking for the best alcohol rehab in San Diego. We can help you or your loved one get sober and stay sober.

Alcohol Rehab San Diego