Adhd Online Doctor

Adhd Online Doctor

Diana Berger at My Recovery Couch is a leading ADHD online doctor with several positive reviews and the highest level of training and experience. ADHD can make life extremely difficult for your child and can take a toll on their self-esteem. Seeking timely help for your child's condition can reduce their risk for substance abuse and other delinquent behaviors later in life.

Does Teletherapy For ADHD Work?

Online treatment for ADHD is a lifesaver for children and adults alike, especially during the pandemic. It provides individuals and families with access to specialists and simplifies logistics. It allows clear communication between patients and healthcare providers and helps people receive unsurpassed care and support from the confines of their homes.

Virtual ADHD medication treatment typically encompasses counseling, psychotherapy, stress management sessions, and group therapy programs. Teletherapy has proven to improve medical outcomes and raise patient satisfaction. Telemedicine also increases access to experienced and top-rated specialists for people living in remote areas. Teletherapy is one of the most effective and efficient treatment modes for those battling ADHD.

What Can I Expect During An Online Diagnosis For ADHD?

If your child exhibits ADHD symptoms before age 12, you must consider getting a diagnosis through telemedicine for ADHD. An ADHD diagnosis process consists of:

  • Medical exam designed to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms experienced by your child
  • Our doctor will gather information about your child, including their current medical issues, personal and family medical history, school records, etc.
  • Interviews or questionnaires for you and your child's teachers or caregivers

Our doctors use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 published by the APA to determine if your child has ADHD. The ADHD rating scales help our treatment providers collect and evaluate information about your child. 

While signs of ADHD usually appear in preschoolers and younger children, it can still be hard to diagnose the disorder in very young kids. In some cases, developmental problems like language delays are mistaken for ADHD. Choose the best ADHD online management treatment provider for your child's diagnosis to help your child in the best way possible.

What Are The Symptoms Of ADHD?

ADHD's primary features include inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behaviors. Children typically exhibit ADHD symptoms before age 12. Some parents notice symptoms in their children as early as three years of age. Also, ADHD symptoms can vary in severity from one child to another. The three types of ADHD are predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive, and combined. The symptoms for each of these conditions include:

  1. Symptoms of inattention:
  • Inability to pay close attention to details
  • Make careless mistakes in schoolwork
  • Having trouble staying focused on tasks or play
  • Appearing not to listen even when spoken directly
  1. Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity:
  • Fidgeting with or tapping hands or feet
  • Find it difficult to stay seated in the classroom
  • Express the need to be in constant motion
  • Run around or climb in inappropriate situations

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Adhd Online Doctor