addiction intervention PA

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addiction intervention PA

You and your family know the time to get your loved one help for their addiction is right now. However, you recognize you cannot do this without help. Let the Addiction Treatment Group step in and help your family. Our team has years of experience with addiction intervention in PA.

Why contact an interventionist?

This is a common question that families have. What can an interventionist do that a concerned group of family members can not? This confusion stems from people not truly understanding what the job of an interventionist is. Conventional thinking believes an interventionist only has one job. And that job is to get the addict to go to rehab. That isn’t necessarily true, although that is most certainly a large part of their role.

An interventionist helps both the addict and their family. An interventionist runs the intervention and helps get the addict immediately into treatment if they agree to it during the conversation. However, an interventionist also works with the family. Addiction harms more than just the addict. The family needs help, as well. If there isn’t a level of healing with the family, an addict will return to the same toxic environment post-rehab.

Staging an intervention

Once you decide to utilize an interventionist, that person will plan out the process of the conversation. In an intervention, everyone has a role to play. An interventionist will encourage group members to write down what they want to say to the addict and practice before the day. Members of the group can include parents, spouses, children, and anyone else close to the addict.

An interventionist will also educate the group on addiction and what it does to a person. Family members often do not consider addiction a disease, nor do they understand the behavior of an addict. Some people think breaking the cycle of addiction is as easy as just waking up one day and stopping.

During an intervention

Your intervention specialist will set the pace for the intervention meeting. During the meeting, they help keep the addict accountable, and they do not allow the person to continue to deny their drug or alcohol problems. Should the session go well, and the addict agrees to enter rehab, your interventionist transports the person to the treatment center.

Tempers can flare during an intervention. The role of your interventionist is to help all parties manage their emotions and intervene in any escalated situations. Should your addiction intervention in PA start to spiral into something unsafe, your interventionist will know when to call law enforcement.

After an intervention

Once the intervention is complete, the work is not complete. If the addict decided to seek help, an interventionist still works with the family for what post-rehab life is like. If the addict refused help and treatment, then the specialist can avail themselves to all parties for a future session.

Don’t attempt an intervention on your own. Let the professionals at Addiction Treatment Group help you and your family with an addiction intervention in PA.

addiction intervention PA
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