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Addiction Center Arizona Immediate help is available when you’re looking for an addiction center in Arizona. Arizona Addiction has partnered with numerous top-rated treatment centers across AZ that able to meet your needs with a wide variety of programs and treatment options. Make one phone call that will change everything- we’re available day and night to answer your call. Addiction Center Arizona

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Florida
Finding an alcohol addiction rehab center that provides specialized treatment just for women can be challenging. At Florida Center for Recovery, our women’s only programs provide a safe environment for women, including expectant mothers, to recover from addiction. Visit our ‘Programs & Therapies’ section online to learn more about our programs for women.

Drug Rehab Lake Tahoe
The Recovery Ranch
805 350 9776

Choose a drug rehab in Lake Tahoe based on its history of success. The Recovery Ranch is meeting the needs of men who look to sobriety as the only viable solution to the lives they are currently living. Schedule a free tour of our facility or call a Recovery Ranch admissions specialist with any questions you have about our facility.

Neurofeedback Houston
Unique Mind Care

Unique Mind Care offers Nexalin Technology as part of our “reset and retrain” brain health model. Nexalin is one of the most advanced techniques of non-invasive brain stimulation. It answers the increasing demand for alternative drug-free treatments for psychiatric conditions and all mental health issues associated with Anxiety Depression and Insomnia. Nexalin works to balance your brain naturally, without medication.